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 New TRILLIUM interview with Amanda...

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Amanda Who?
Amanda Who?

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New TRILLIUM interview with Amanda...  Empty
PostSubject: New TRILLIUM interview with Amanda...    New TRILLIUM interview with Amanda...  EmptySun Oct 30, 2011 9:06 am

Hey Folks,

A new interview with Amanda about Trillium is online. An excerpt is below:

Folks that are expecting Somerville to follow a similar path to the work she’s done for Epica and Avantasia on Alloy are in for a shock. Some tracks are attitude-laden cousins to melodic rock, others are heavy-edged and bordering-on-Black Sabbath dark. The album is almost completely devoid of orchestral arrangements and features no neo-classical bombast whatsoever, carried through numerous twists and turns instead by the vocals and some almighty riffs. Bottom line: Alloy is loaded with plenty WTF moments.

“Which is a good thing (laughs). Nothing about what I do is contrived; it all comes out the way that it comes out, and sometimes it needs to be a little more conformed, I guess. Literally, as cheesy as it sounds, the music pours out of me the way that I feel it. I don’t like following formulas. My songs have a typical song structure – verse / pre-chorus / chorus – and that’s just in me, but in terms of trying to fit a certain formula, that’s not a conscious thing for me. It’s not something I want to do, either. That’s why there are no Latin choirs on the album (laughs).”

“I’ve actually gotten comparisons to Epica and After Forever. In fact, one guy made the After Forever comparison before he knew that Sander was one of the songwriters on Alloy. That kind of surprised me, but Sander does have a signature sound, but I don’t hear the similarities.”

Check it out here:

Cheers, eh Cool
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New TRILLIUM interview with Amanda...
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