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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Mon Oct 26, 2009 2:02 pm

Every forum needs a basic set of rules‚ most of these are just common sense really but just to make sure everyone knows them we typed them up for you.

1. Speak English. Obviously there are circumstances under which other languages are allowed but try to use English where possible as not to exclude other members from the conversation.

2. No copyright infringement. If you quote anything or post pictures link to the original. It's just a matter of common courtesy really.

3. No leaks! Amanda trusts us (and you) with some exclusive stuff and we wish to keep it that way so don't repost anything from the 'Special Content' forum.

4. Advertising on the forum is not allowed‚ neither is spamming outside of the Spam Topic

5. Be nice! We are trying to create a fun community here‚ so please don't fight personal battles on the forum and don't flame people because of their opinion. Don't use caps or msn language.

6. Don't make several accounts‚ one will do.

7. Try not to make several posts concerning the same topic‚ introduce yourself here so we don't have a new topic for everyone.

8. Have fun!
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Forum Rules
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